NexCo Real Estate & Investment is a platform for real estate development and investment. The platform channels investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina and region, and serves as an investor upon accepted investment request.

It consists of two subunits, first covering real estate development and investment, and second for general investment.


Real Estate & Investment Implementation:

Real Estate Opportunities and Ideas Hub

Real Estate Opportunities segment provides investment information and support for investment in existing real estates. Ideas Hub is creating new project ideas in real estate market of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At this level we provide services, as follows:

  • Project documentation
  • Financial plan
  • Investment plan and profit overview
  • Construction plan implementation
  • Technical aspect; implementation and acceptance from official state entities
  • Legal aspect covering
  • Sales
  • After-sales managing (renting of as implies)

Real Estate Investment Proposal to Us

As an investment body we review potential investment requests. We invest as NeXco LLC, or connect parties with investors. Submitting a proposal process starts by filling submission form. This is first of three stages in investment request.

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Real Estate Platform

Real estate platform channels an investment, from initial idea, to project implementation, construction and sales.

The platform ensures proper investment surrounding. We tend to be central country’s platform in real estate investment, and the first one to operate as a trust fund in this part of the world. Our members have worked on many large scale projects such as residential buildings, business buildings and hotel investment.

Real Estate Sales

Sales services are provided whether we implement whole project, or just sales part. In most of the cases, sales is over earlier that the construction.

Real Estate Post Sales Management/Rent

We take care of real estate management after sales, whether renting or adaptation.

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Management and Business Administration

We created management and business administration platform that works minimizing all the risks and maximizing the quality.

Investment management and business administration platform locates real estate potential investment opportunities, suggests them to potential investor, makes projects, implements construction and sales.

Our expertise is proposing ideas and location for specific ideas to be implemented in the amount agreed. Architects may offer futuristic or traditional designs, or may follow your requests. Many of the projects so far were turn-key system.

Real Estate Team

Our team consists of experienced project managers, real estate agents, architects, finance and marketing experts. Board members are experienced entrepreneurs and experts, while our power derives from our young, educated and highly skilled executives.