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Real Estate Investment Proposal to Us


As an investment body we review potential investment requests. We invest as NeXco LLC, or connect parties with investors. Submitting a proposal process starts by filling submission form. This is first of three stages in investment request.

Submission – please note that we are receiving many project investment inquiries. Therefore, we had to create our own submission standards in order update on specific process in a timely manner.

Real estate project proposal must have:

  • Exact location provided
  • Project in its ready phase
  • Extensive description of the project
  • Detailed financial planning
  • Investment plans/loans/partnership proposals
  • All the legal permissions
  • Partnership proposal

Please understand that we ask for extensive information in order to be able to prepare for our Board Members for review. You can fill our own submission form that will make application perfect for review. You can download it here.

*An important notice for those not filling above stated requirements
If project/idea is not implementation ready, we are ready to discuss business as an idea. For this occasion we created our descriptive submission form that will enable you answer basic project questions. All the materials will be reviewed, but we keep the right to request additional information from you or from official bodies related to the project.

privacy policy.
We understand importance of an idea and risk of presenting it to someone else. For this reason, we do sign a legal obligation with you to classify all the documents we get as strictly private. It obliges us to keep it private even if final decision is not to enter the project.

Should you need any further explanation, we will be glad to help.