Individual & VIP tourism

Bosnia and Herzegovina and regional countries are popular touristic destinations. In Bosnia and Herzegovina guests may visit amazing sites, cities, mountains, historical locations and much more. If connected to regional countries in which we also operate, offer itself gets even better.

Due to the mass tourism operators in the country and around, we launched individual and VIP tourism offers for those who are not fans of mass tourism. Individual tourism is meant for individuals, couples or families looking for their own peace, staff commitment and different tourism experience.

How Does It Work?

NexCo Tourism & Team Building offers specific tourism packages for individuals, couples and families. Through contact with us we can easily achieve the easiest possible assessment of what you are looking for and what you need.

Do you need bodyguards to keep you safe? Would you like to be met at the airport with or without security personnel? Maybe you enjoy to be driven in a convoy of SUVs, or have an adrenaline experience. Do you need filming it and transfer your vacation/visit into a powerful video?

You would like to visit remote places of the country? Talk to the locals for specific reasons? You want to see traditional or urban scene of the country, specific city? Would you like to meet younger or older generation?

Would you like to have an exclusive restaurant just for you, and your family? Would you like to cook yourselves? To visit specific places, or even to meet specific people? Anything you might need or ask for.

Individual Tourism

At NexCo Tourism & Team Building we focus on individuals. Individualism does not exclude working with group visits. We tend to meet individual requirements of the group members – for instance, we experienced an international group of tourists that were asking for very diverse lunch menu.

At our trips you will always have personnel available for anything you might need. We provide souvenirs and country’s staff packages.

Our online application is also simple. It has four columns that need to be filled. There are question on the location, activities, number of persons and budget available.

Please note that we are not classic tourist agency – we provide the best possible experience to the tourist in the cities in Bosnia-Herzegovina and the region, focusing on VIP and individual tourism.

NexCo Team Building

Team building is inevitable part of company’s culture. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, this section has not been developed. There is a significant trend of modern approach companies that tend to offer their employees chance to get to know better, resolve issues through specific activities and offer more than a meal together or similar activities.

Team building is not a lunch together

Team building is more than lunch or informal meeting, or celebration. It is a way to increase company’s productiveness through specific set of activities that will get people closer to each other, and educate people how to overcome certain issues. Our team building has a goal.

How does this work?

Our facilitators speak to you. They will research all possible issues and problem, or good situations you want to point out during team building event. The process starts with you speaking to our account manager, in orders to see the perfect fit – event, duration and budget. We consult your HR or responsible person to confirm the details and anything that might be of interest to discuss earlier, prior to the event. After all the details have been arranged, it is on you to enjoy. Let us do the rest!

We want to facilitate enthusiasm and happiness all over your group. Anybody can list negatives about the work and company. We understand that many people have seen their colleagues as rivals. Speaking of positives is what we do. With our programs there is no life coaching, but speaking and teaching values. We will not tell you that you are marvelous and great, but that with certain values this world can have marvelous and great purpose of your existence.

We teach that greatness comes from the team, not individual. A team may be perfect without perfect individuals, while perfect individuals do not necessarily make perfect team.

Request a Team Building

Bellow is our selection list. Answer how many of you are there, and how many hours or days you might have. We appreciate your note on the budget available.

Team Building Selection Part

Group size Time Frame Activity type
2-10 Number of hours available Indoor TB
10-25 Number of days available Outdoor TB
25-50 Number of specific days available Charitable TB
50-100 Annual TB follow Cooking TB
100-200   Classical TB
More than 200   Automotive TB
    Game play TB
    Video game play TB
    Conferences TB
    Music programs TB
    Team development TB
    Educational buildings TB
    Values trainings TB
    Holiday celebrations and trainings TB
    Event openers and closings TB
    Useful lunch TB
    Individual problem solutions TB
    Group problem solutions TB
    Technology blow TB
    Nature TB
    TB with animals included
    TB on individual skills
    Coaching TB

Group size

We need to know number of the people who might attend to team building event, so we can prepare it accordingly. Although our teams may work one-on-one, our team building starts with two persons, and has no numeral limitation. Don’t worry if there are thousands of you.

Time frame

This section speaks of time availability and tells what kind of an event we can organize for the specific event. It can go from one hour to several days, month or more. In annual team building coverage, which is our special package, we sign to follow birthdays, important days, and any other specifics together with standard team building activities. To exemplify, we will make sure all birthdays are celebrated timely, with appropriate gifts, with no pressure to HR team or anyone else in the company.

Do not be surprised if we bump in to your offices and make a surprise visit.

Activity type

It is a question of indoor and outdoor activities and general activity setting. Each section has subsection. In example, nature team building has twenty five subsections that we all incorporate.

It is possible to mix all activities as long as it is possible to organize it within the same event.